LOS HERMANOS MARTINEZ TOCAN EL JAZZ FLAMENCO............. nederlands ...........


A sweeping and exiting cross over of modal jazz and flamenco by an evenly sweeping and exiting new quintet

Los Hermanos Martinez is a new quintet, featuring the two brothers –los hermanos- Juan and Miguel Martinez. Both have earned their way as multi-talented and much sought-after soloists. Starting out their musical career independently, they evolved into musical personalities in their own right. When starting playing together, they soon discovered a shared feeling for swing, energy and a profound musical urge; by adding a rythm section with John Engels (drums), Rob van Bavel (piano) and Jeroen Vierdag (bass) sheer chemistry started to happen.

In Los Hermanos Martinez the two brothers set out to find their musical roots. On the one hand the sound is based on that of the sixties (Joe Henderson en Wayne Shorter), with its specific characteristics of grooves, modal and free improvisations. At the same time the band, inspired by
Flamenco en Cante Jondo, explores Spanish traditional music. In this music, which is greatly influenced by Arabic scales, forms and rythms play an important role.
As a result no one escapes from this rush of exiting and passionate music.